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Automate Customer Support with AI Chatbots.

Combine AI and human support for excellent customer service with Cronbot. Turn conversations into sales opportunities with AI-powered chatbots.

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How can Cronbot help you?

Imagine an AI Chatbot that works for your customers 24/7, provides accurate responses, boosts customer satisfaction, and helps your team do more.

AI chatbots for every need

Deploy multiple AI chatbots to improve customer service, increase conversion rates, and streamline communications.

Only pay according to your usage. No Hassle. Smooth Experience.

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Tailored Chatbots for your brand

Easily build customized AI chatbots to deliver tailored conversations that feel human and genuine.

Let your customers enjoy personalized, meaningful engagements that solve problems quickly.

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Unified Customer Data and Personalized Experiences

One intuitive dashboard for leads and queries. Track queries, nurture leads, and guide customers through purchase - all from our AI chat platform.

Go on autopilot with the built-in CRM doing the heavy lifting for you.

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Seamless integrations, effortless workflow

Connect your AI chatbots to the tools you already use via our seamless integrations.

Make your support workflows more efficient and effective overnight.

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Real-time updates, informed you stay

Receive real-time email notifications when visitors need your help.

Never miss a critical customer conversation again.

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Real insights for lasting results

Stay on top of conversations in real time through detailed analytics.

Continuously optimize your chatbots to increase engagement and conversions over time.

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Cronbot Integrates With All Your Favourite Tools

Sync your marketing, sales, and support stack seamlessly with our integrations. Manage conversations across all channels under one roof by connecting the platforms you use for your workflow.

Chat Directly On Slack

Cronbot meets your team where they already connect - right in Slack. 

Our integration allows you to deploy AI chatbots that engage directly in Slack channels, groups, and DMs for seamless conversations.

Real Time Email Notifications

Cronbot instantly emails your staff whenever a customer requests your assistance. Receive real-time notifications to important conversations that need agent follow-up without delay.

No more losing track of important customer queries!

4 More Reasons To Love Cronbot

Here’s how Cronbot enables you to do more for your customers and team.

Analytics However You Want Them

Our analytics zoom in on the stats that matter most.

Check visitor trends, popular questions, and conversion rates daily, weekly, or monthly for maximum engagement and efficiency.

Manage Conversations Seamlessly

Chatting comes easy to our bots, but sometimes you need the human touch.

View, assign, or respond to conversations right from your Cronbot dashboard. Resolve issues and approve requests without disrupting the flow.

Identify FAQs

Wondering what customers ask about the most?

Our analytics auto-detect and track FAQs so you can identify and solve problems. Fewer repeats = happier customers.

A Bot for Every Need

Support, sales, marketing? We’ve got you covered with our multifunction bots.

Reduce costs, nurture more leads, or drive more satisfaction. An army of personalized chatbots ready at your fingertips.

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