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All-in-One CRM and Customer Support Solution on Autopilot.

A No-code AI chatbot, customizable to match your brand, trained on your website content, responding to customer questions, and generating sales leads.

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Your All-in-one CRM that integrates in just few simple clicks.

AI chatbots that fit like a glove with any business creating better outcomes for your customers, teams, and you.

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AI chatbots for All

Take better control of customer engagement with Cronbot's Multiple AI chatbot feature. Choose a plan that suits your current needs & upgrade easily to more than one AI chatbot.

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User friendly customization

With Cronbot's simple customization features, you can effortlessly create a chatbot that not only mirrors your brand but also delivers tailored responses.

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CRM with a 360° view

Cronbot is more than a tool, it's a game-changer for businesses seeking to streamline operations, enhance customer relationships, and drive unparalleled growth.

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Seamless Integration

Cronbot's integrations redefine simplicity. Integrate any AI chatbot with your tools in just a few clicks. Save time, enhance overall efficiency and manage tickets across various channels.

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Real Time Email Alerts

Stay informed about important customer interactions with email notifications, be on top of critical customer tickets 24/7.

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Well-mapped Analytics

Cronbot's analytics are not just for monitoring – they're for improvement. Performance metrics that suits your analytics strategy.

Simplified Integration, Seamless conversations

Unlock the full potential of Cronbot with our easy-to-use integrations. Sync your marketing, sales, and support tools effortlessly, centralizing your workflow for streamlined operations and enhanced productivity.

Chat Directly On Slack

Cronbot meets your team where they already connect – right in Slack.

Seamlessly deploy AI chatbots in Slack channels, groups, and DMs for intuitive, real-time conversations that boosts your customer engagement and improves team collaboration.

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Real Time Email Notifications

Stay instantly informed with Cronbot's 24/7 email notifications.

Receive immediate alerts whenever a customer seeks assistance, ensuring your team can respond promptly to critical tickets.

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More Reasons you’ll love Cronbot

Here’s how Cronbot enables you to do more for your customers and team.

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Analytics that empowers

Cronbot ensures you receive insights that matter most to achieve your business goals. It helps you take care of priorities and track metrics that drives your performance.

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Manage support tickets seamlessly

View, assign, or respond to tickets directly from your Slack or Cronbot dashboard. Resolve issues and approve requests without disrupting the flow.

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Identify FAQs with Ease

Curious about what customers ask the most? Cronbot's analytics auto-detect and track FAQs, empowers you to identify and solve problems efficiently.

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A Bot for Every Need

Support, sales, marketing – Cronbot has you covered with multifunction bots. Reduce costs, nurture more leads, or drive more satisfaction. Cronbot is your all-in-one solution for customer engagement.

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