Improve Your Customer Service with Easy Chatbot Integration

Cronbot can turn your website into a 24/7 service hub. With our no-code integration, you can easily add a powerful AI chatbot to your Shopify, Wix, Bubble, WordPress, Webflow, or custom website within minutes. Simplify customer interactions, automate responses, and increase conversions with ease.

Custom Website

Integrate Cronbot by copying and pasting the provided JavaScript code snippet into your website's HTML section. No coding skills are required!


Embed Cronbot into your Webflow website by adding the code snippet into the custom code box in your site's settings. Your chatbot will instantly appear.


Install a plugin for inserting custom code, then paste the script in the appropriate place. Your AI chatbot will be available on your website quickly.


Navigate to your theme's code editor, paste the provided script code just before the </body> element. Save, and your AI chatbot will be live on your store.


Copy and paste the provided script into the HTML iframe element of your Wix website. The AI chatbot will be operational and ready to interact with visitors.


Drag and drop an HTML element into your page from the UI Builder. Paste the code snippet into the HTML element, deploy your modifications, and preview your app.

Get Your 1st AI Chatbot!

Sign Up: Register for Cronbot’s basic plan.
Customize: Personalize your chatbot to suit your brand.
No Code: Integrate your chatbot to your preferred platform without coding.

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