Available across all plans: Basic, Hobby and Pro

Centralize your Customer Data with 360° CRM

Revolutionize Customer Interactions with CRM Featuring a 360° View

Cronbot's 360° CRM makes it simple to handle leads by displaying all of your contact and corporate information at your fingertips.

Sort and filter data to easily discover what you're looking for, and use our advanced autofill function to instantly populate relevant fields.

AI Chatbot with CRM integration | CRM in Chatbot
AI Chatbot with CRM integration | CRM in Chatbot

Accelerate Your Lead Generation

Tired of manually tracking down leads? Cronbot's CRM automatically gathers and organizes every interaction, ensuring that no potential customers fall between the cracks. Cronbot works diligently in the background to collect essential data from your chatbot discussions and online forms, allowing your lead pipeline to develop.

Know your customers inside and out

Gone are the days of dispersed client data. Cronbot compiles all of your contact and corporate information into a single, user-friendly dashboard. Get a full view of each person's interactions, interests, and history, allowing you to provide personalized experiences that foster long-term partnerships.

AI Chatbot with CRM integration | CRM in Chatbot
AI Chatbot with CRM integration | CRM in Chatbot

360° View of Your Leads: A Sales Game Changer

Imagine getting a clear picture of your whole sales funnel. Cronbot's CRM allows you to do so. Easily follow your leads' progress through the sales cycle, uncover bottlenecks, and make data-driven choices to improve conversion rates.

24/7 Reliability: Your Data is Always Available

Never lose important client information again. Cronbot's secure cloud-based CRM ensures that your data is accessible at any time and from any device. You may rest easy knowing that your customer relationships are safe.

AI Chatbot with CRM integration | CRM in Chatbot
AI Chatbot with CRM integration | CRM in Chatbot

Superpowered CRM: Magic Fill, Sorting, Filtering & More

  • Magic Fill: Eliminate manual data entry and reduce errors by automatically populating contact and company fields with a single click.
  • Sorting & Filtering: Quickly find the information you need with intuitive sorting and filtering options.
  • Customizable Views: Tailor your CRM dashboard to prioritize the data that matters most to your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create a chatbot on cronbot.ai ?

To create a chatbot on Cronbot.ai, first sign in or sign up. During setup, enter your Organization Name  and the Slug URL of your website. Name your chatbot and specify your website domain. For training, you can upload a sitemap URL or other supported content formats such as PDF, CSV, Notion, or Website Content, or skip this step to proceed directly to the dashboard. Later, you can train your chatbot by uploading content. Once created, manage your chatbot from the top of your dashboard, where you can handle multiple chatbots and access Cronbot's chatbot features seamlessly.

How can I train cronbot.ai  with my website content?

To train a chatbot with your own data, navigate to the “Training Data” section at the top and upload your content. Supported formats include PDF, CSV, Notion, Website Content and Sitemap. We recommend using the Website Sitemap as a training data source.

How to customize my chatbot as per my brand?

To customize your chatbot, you can go to the “Customize” section (sixth icon in the sidebar). Here, you can customize the chatbot's color to match your brand color, enable or disable human support, and also edit the content that is displayed over the chatbot.

  • Design Customization: Adjust background and text colors to align with your brand.
  • Behavior Settings: Define chatbot behavior based on your office hours for requesting agent support.
  • Chatbot Content: Personalize messages for both AI and Human interaction modes.
  • Chatbot Popup: Enable or disable the chatbot popup and customize its appearance and text.

How can I add a contact to my chatbot on cronbot.ai?

Contacts are available under the Basic, Hobby & Pro plan. If you are subscribed to this plan, you can add a contact through the dashboard and the chatbot. To add a contact via the dashboard, you can go to the “CRM” section and click on the “Add New Contact” button. From the chatbot, a contact will be added once your user clicks on the Request Human Support button.

What is the maximum number of messages allowed when in human support mode?

Currently, during human support mode, there is no restriction on the number of messages sent and received.

How to integrate Slack with my chatbot?

Slack integration is available under the Hobby & Pro plan only. If you are subscribed to this plan, you can integrate Slack by visiting the “Integration” tab. Clicking on the install button will install Slack organization-wide. It will also ask you to choose a chatbot on which you want to install Slack.

What are the setup and deployment options for Cronbot?

After signing up or signing in to Cronbot and creating your chatbot, you can easily set it up using the Setup Instructions section in your dashboard. Cronbot provides step-by-step setup guides for various platforms including Custom Websites, Webflow, WordPress, Shopify, Wix and Bubble. These guides enable you to deploy your chatbot quickly and seamlessly without any coding required, allowing you to integrate Cronbot into your website in just minutes.

How can I track the usage of AI messages and other metrics?

You can track AI message usage and other metrics using the Chatbot Analytics feature on CronbotAI. In the dashboard, click on the Analytics section. The analytics dashboard provides:

  • Monthly AI Messages Usage
  • Monthly Company Magic Fill Usage
  • Total Page Usage
  • Total Contacts Usage
  • Total Tickets
  • Top 5 Most Asked Questions
  • Number of Contacts Created
  • Number of Tickets Resolved and Unresolved

This feature helps you monitor performance and optimize customer support.

How can I ensure the response quality of Cronbot AI Chatbot?

Cronbot ensures high response quality by allowing you to regularly update training data in multiple formats and monitor performance through Chatbot Analytics. Customization options enable personalized messages for both AI and human modes, adjusting header texts, online statuses, welcome and fallback messages, and input placeholders. You can also configure the chatbot to switch to human support for complex queries. Integration with CRM systems ensures up-to-date information, ensuring your chatbot delivers accurate and tailored responses consistently.

Is there a limit to the number of chatbots I can create with Cronbot?

The number of chatbots you can create with CronbotAI depends on the plan you have subscribed to:

  • Basic Plan: Includes 1 AI chatbot.
  • Hobby Plan: Allows for up to 2 AI chatbots.
  • Chatbot Popup: Enable or disable the chatbot popup and customize its appearance and text.

Choose a plan based on your needs to manage multiple chatbots efficiently and effectively.

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