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All-in-One CRM and Customer Support Solution on Autopilot.

A No-code AI chatbot, customizable to match your brand, trained on your website content, responding to customer questions, and generating sales leads.

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Click, Connect, and Engage with our easy-to-integrate CRM solution.

Our AI chatbots are a perfect match for any business, ensuring happier customers and a happier you!

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AI Chatbots for All

Easily manage customer service with Cronbot's versatile AI chatbots — start with what you need and scale effortlessly.

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Easily Customizable

Create your brand-specific chatbot easily with Cronbot — custom fit without hours of painful effort.

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CRM with a 360° view

Transform your business with Cronbot’s comprehensive CRM — a complete solution for growth and better customer relationships.

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Seamless Integration

Integrate Cronbot’s chatbots swiftly with your tools — simplifying work and amplifying efficiency in a few clicks.

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Real Time Email Alerts

Never miss a customer interaction with Cronbot's instant email alerts — stay informed round the clock.

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Well-mapped Analytics

With Cronbot's analytics, deepen your insights and enhance your tactics — it's about getting better every step.

Easy Integration with Tools you already use.

Integrate Cronbot with your tool stack in minutes. Get your sales, support, and marketing tools working together in a jiffy for better work days and super productivity.

Chat Directly On Slack

Slack Love: Cronbot hops into your Slack chats. In channels, you can quickly set up AI support bots. We also have channels for quick chats that keep customers and teams happy.

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Real Time Email Notifications

Stay Alert: Be the first to know when customers ping. Cronbot's emails make sure you can jump in fast and keep your service on point.

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Using simple chatbot integrations and sharp AI chatbots, Cronbot ensures your business runs hand in hand with growth.

Whether you're in real estate, healthcare, or other industries, our AI chatbots are like smart assistants on your side all the time.

More Reasons you’ll love Cronbot

Here’s how Cronbot enables you to do more for your customers and team.

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Powerful Analytics

Cronbot provides meaningful insights critical for your business success. It aids in focusing on what's essential and tracks metrics that fuel your performance.

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Effortless Conversations Management

Handle and answer tickets directly from your Slack or Cronbot dashboard. Address issues and approve requests smoothly, keeping workflows uninterrupted.

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Easily Identify FAQs

Want to know what customers ask frequently? Cronbot's chatbot analytics automatically detect and track FAQs, enabling efficient problem identification and resolution.

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Tailored Bots for Varied Needs

Be it support, sales, or marketing, Cronbot offers chatbot solutions for each need. Lower costs, cultivate leads, enhance customer satisfaction. Cronbot is your comprehensive AI for customer support and engagement.

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