Why are chatbots and AI chatbots important?

Why are chatbots and AI chatbots important?
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AI chatbots are becoming an essential aspect of customer-business communication. They're always there, in the bottom right corner of your internet page, ready to address consumer queries 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Furthermore, the chatbot market is expected to reach $1.25 billion by 2025, according to Forbes. This suggests that an increasing number of organizations are including chatbots in their marketing and customer support processes, with 58% of enterprises in the B2B sector actively employing chatbots.

But what are these exactly?

A chatbot is a software that simulates human-like communication with a chat user. Chatbots can engage a potential consumer in a chat and acquire their contact information, handle minor queries, or introduce your product or service by explaining its key features.

How Can Businesses Use AI Chatbots?

Chatbots can be used in a variety of small business activities and industries. Yet, they are most majorly employed in the following capacities by small businesses:

  • Sales: Chatbots may collect prospect information, identify promising leads, and streamline outreach and follow-up. A chatbot may converse with customers and respond to their questions in real-time. 
  • Marketing: A bot may communicate with customers and upsell them efficiently. Conversations with existing consumers and potential new customers can be automated. They can also make suggestions, provide information, and forward leads to sales teams without the need for human participation.
  • Customer Care: Chatbots are often used in call centers to deliver quick responses with default responses to common questions, freeing up customer service representatives to handle more difficult issues.

Importance of AI Chatbots

80% of marketers expect to use a chatbot in some capacity – it is one of the main reasons why companies are investing in enhancing the customer experience. 

AI-powered chatbots improve operational efficiency and reduce costs for businesses while providing convenience for customers. Also, you can use automation to eliminate the need for human interaction by automating FAQs.

Here are some more reasons why AI chatbots are important for all businesses:

  • Save Resources: A customer service representative earns $40.7k annually and $19.5 an hour on average. In this case, it's much cheaper to hire a robot. Also, chatbots can help firms save more than $8 billion in customer service expenditures per year, by eliminating costs such as hiring extra workers and infrastructure costs, among other things.
  • Reduce Wait Time: 21% of consumers consider chatbots to be the most convenient way to contact a business. Bots are a smarter approach to ensure that clients get the immediate response they need without having to wait in a queue. 
  • Automate Lead Qualification: You may use chatbots to prequalify prospects and route them to the appropriate team for further nurturing. The ability to engage clients immediately enhances lead generation and conversion rates.
  • Enhance Satisfaction: Chatbots have the potential to be a key tool for increasing customer engagement. They can offer a high level of customization, prompting customers to connect with products or services that are relevant to their behaviors and preferences. Chatbots also leverage rich messaging formats, such as carousels, emojis and gifs, and photos to improve customer interactions and make online assistance more efficient.
  • Available At All Times: According to reports, 64% of consumers say that the best feature of chatbots is their availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This provides them with rapid solutions to frequently requested questions, enhancing their satisfaction.
  • Offer Personalized Solutions: According to a report, 59% of consumers who engage with chatbots expect their data to be used to personalize future encounters with a company. When AI-powered chatbots are coupled with your other company systems, such as your customer care tool, marketing software, or CRM, they may give personalized experiences based on relevant information. 

Streamline Your Customer Support With CronbotAI

The AI chatbot on the web page is a ‘must-have’ for businesses as it allows you to provide additional information to customers through digital self-service around the clock, freeing staff from mundane duties. 

It also helps in keeping prospects on your company's website longer, and generating traffic to it in a focused way, adding an extra sales channel. What's the best part? AI solutions such as CronbotAI only take 2 minutes to do this and satisfy consumers.

So, what are you waiting for? Try out CronbotAI, a customizable chatbot that caters to your business’s unique needs. For example, you can use a single chatbot or multiple ones, depending on the size of your business.

If that wasn’t enough, the customer relationship management (CRM) tool also gives real-time data that you can use to solve your prospect’s queries and convert them into sales. This also helps boost customer satisfaction, in turn strengthening your brand’s reputation. Sign up now to get started for free.

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